The families include Serial EEPROMS  and Serial Flash circuits. The  Serial EEPROMS support  three industry standard interfaces  I2C, SPI and 3-Wire. Memory densities range from 2k-Bit to 1024k-Bit. 


Industry Standard Solutions, Organization 256x8 to 128kx8. Vcc 1.8V to 5.5V, Speed 1MHz

Serial Flash

Industry Standard Solutions, Organization 2kX2k to 8kx2k, Vcc 2.7V-3.6V 

Speed 80MHZ plus Low Power Versions 1.6V to 1.9V Speed 40MHz.

8MB, 32Mb and 64Mb versions are in development



Fremont Micro Devices is a leading supplier of Nonvolatile Memories including Serial EEPROM . Our patented UltraEE™ EEPROM technology delivers the best price performance low density memory in the industry,

Over Six Billion parts shipped

Fremont Micro Devices has shipped over 6 billion IC’s in the past decade. With the ability to alter single bytes of data, very high write endurance, and low power consumption, Serial EEPROM’s are widely used to store personal and configuration data in a wide range of applications. 

Industry Standard Interfaces

FMD supports the I2C, SPI, and three wire interfaces. The IC’s come in industry-standard packages including SOP, TSSOP, MSOP, TSSOT, DFN, SOT and DIP. FMD offers world wide availability of the complete portfolio with short lead times through our sales channel of distributors and Sales Representative Companies. 

Serial EEPROMS - I2C Interface

I2C  (2-wire) compatible byte and page writable Serial EEPROMs are designed to provide simple, yet flexible data storage capabilities to meet the needs of today’s applications. The Product Family includes FT24C02 to 1024A,  2k-Bit to 1024k- Bit   memory density. Package: SOP, TSSOP,  SOT, DFN, TSSOT, MSOP, DIP

No New Designs FT24C02A-Uxx, 5xx,  Fxx, Exx. Replaced By FT24C02A-Kxx

No New Designs FT24C64 / 128 / 256 / 512A-Uxx. Replaced By FT24C64/128/256/512A-Exx

Serial EEPROM-I2C Interface No New Design Status

The  I2C interface Serial EEPROMS listed  below are currently on No New Design Status.  They have been replaced by pin and function compatible alternatives using a denser process technology.  These new parts are listed in the previous section. Te advantage of the migration to a denser process in a longer product life cycle and reduced manufacturing cost long term. The parts listed below will be phased out .

FT24C02A-Uxx-DS3011B 2009 (No New Designs) (pdf)


FT24C02A-Fxx-DS-Rev1.0 2015 (No New Designs) (pdf)


FT24C02A-Exx DS-Rev 1.0 2016(No New Designs) (pdf)


FT24C02AW-Exx-DS-Rev1.0 2016 (No New Designs) (pdf)


FT24C64A-Uxx-DS3005J 2009 (No New Designs) (pdf)


FT24C128A-Uxx-DS3007J 2009 (No New Designs) (pdf)


FT24C256A-Uxx-DS3007J 2009 (No New Designs) (pdf)


FT24C512A-Uxx-DS3009E 2009 (No New Designs) (pdf)


Serial EEPROMS-SPI Interface

Industry standard SPI -compatible byte and page writable Serial EEPROMs devices  meet the needs of today’s high write endurance applications. The products include FT25C08A-FT25C64A, 8k-Bit to 64k-Bit memory density

Serial EEPROMS- 3 Wire Interface

3-wire (Microwire) compatible Serial EEPROMs with flexible user selectable x8 or x16 memory organization with software write protection to secure data stability. Products include FT93C46A,  FT93C56A, FT93C66A  1K-Bit to 4k- Bit.

Package: SOP, TSSOP, DIP

Serial Flash

Serial flash is a small, low-power flash memory that uses the Serial Peripheral Interface Bus (SPI), for sequential data access. When incorporated into an embedded system, serial flash requires fewer wires on the PCB than parallel flash memories, since it transmits and receives data one bit at a time. Products include FT25H04- FT25H16, 4M to 16M memory density.